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Russia through the eyes of foreigners

Publisher Leiden : IDC
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1 RT-1 Russian chit-chat, or, Sketches of a residence in Russia / by a lady ; edited by her sister Leiden : IDC , c2001
2 RT-2 The Englishwoman in Russia : impressions of the society and manners of the Russians at home / by a lady, ten years resident in that country Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
3 RT-3 The Crimea : its towns, inhabitants and social customs / by a lady, resident near the Alma Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
4 RT-4 Russia : its reforms, political and social progress and present state / by a recent traveller Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
5 RT-5 Memoirs of John Quincy Adams : comprising portions of his diary from 1795 to 1848 / edited by Charles Francis Adams Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
6 RT-6 Travels to the seat of war in the East, through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829 : with sketches of the imperial fleet and army, personal adventures, and characteristic anecdotes / by James Edward Alexander Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
7 RT-7 Letters from Count Algarotti to Lord Hervey and the Marquis Scipio Maffei, containing the state of the trade, marine, revenues, and forces of the Russian Empire : with the history of the late war between the Russians and the Turks, and observations on the Baltic and the Caspian seas : to which is added, a dissertation on the reigns of the seven kings of Rome, and a dissertation on the empire of the Incas / by the same author Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
8 RT-8 Six years' travels in Russia / by an English lady Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
9 RT-9 Sketches of Russian life before and during the emancipation of the serfs / edited by Henry Morley Leiden : IDC , c2001
10 RT-10 Through Persia in a motor-car : by Russia and the Caucasus / by Claude Anet ; translated by M. Beresford Ryley Leiden : IDC , c2001
11 RT-11 Journal of travels in the seat of war, during the last two campaigns of Russia and Turkey : intended as an itinerary through the south of Russia, the Crimea, Georgia, and through Persia, Koordistan, and Asia Minor, to Constantinople / by T.B. Armstrong Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
12 RT-12 Pictures from the north, in pen and pencil : sketched during a summer ramble / by George Francklin Atkinson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
13 RT-13 A picturesque representation of the manners, customs, and amusements of the Russians : in one hundred coloured plates, with an accurate explanation of each plate in English and French / by John Augustus Atkinson, and James Walker Leiden : IDC , c2001
14 RT-14 An art tour to northern capitals of Europe / by J. Beavington Atkinson Leiden : IDC , c2001
15 RT-15 Recollections of Tartar steppes and their inhabitants / by Mrs. Atkinson Leiden : IDC , c2001
16 RT-16 Oriental and western Siberia : a narrative of seven years' explorations and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia / by Thomas Witlam Atkinson ; with a map and numerous illustrations Leiden : IDC Publisers , c2001
17 RT-17 Travels in the regions of the upper and lower Amoor and the Russian acquisitions on the confines of India and China : with adventures among the mountain Kirghis, and the Manjours, Manyargs, Toungouz, Touzemtz, Golzi, and Gelyaks, the hunting and pastoral tribes / by Thomas Witlam Atkinson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
18 RT-18 A journey into Siberia : made by order of the King of France / by M. l'abbé Chappe d'Auteroche Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
19 RT-19 The Russian conquest of the Caucasus / by John F. Baddeley London : Longmans, Green , 1908
20 RT-20 Due north, or, Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia / by Maturin M. Ballou Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
21 RT-21 What I saw in Russia / by the Hon. Maurice Baring Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
22 RT-22 A year in Russia / by Maurice Baring London : Methuen , [1907]
23 RT-23 The Russian people / by Maurice Baring Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
24 RT-24 Excursions in the north of Europe : through parts of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway in the years 1830 & 1833 / by John Barrow, junr Leiden : IDC , c2001
25 RT-25 Ivan at home, or, Pictures of Russian life / by Herbert Barry Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
26 RT-26 Russia in 1870 / by Herbert Barry Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
27 RT-27 Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia, to diverse parts of Asia : in two volumes / by John Bell Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
28 RT-28 The Russian advance / by Albert J. Beveridge Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
29 RT-29 With Russian pilgrims : being an account of a sojourn in the White Sea Monastery and a journey by the old trade route from the Arctic Sea to Moscow / by Alexander A. Boddy Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
30 RT-30 Russia at the close of the sixteenth century : comprising, the treatise "Of the Russe Common Wealth," / by Giles Fletcher . the Travels of Sir Jerome Horsey, Knt., now for the first time printed entire from his own manuscript / edited by Edward A. Bond Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
31 RT-31 Siberia and Central Asia / by John W. Bookwalter ; illustrated from photographs taken by the author Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
32 RT-32 St. Petersburg and Moscow : a visit to the court of the Czar / by Richard Southwell Bourke Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
33 RT-33 Impressions of Russia / by Georg Brandes ; translated from the Danish by Samuel C. Eastman Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
34 RT-34 Excursions in the interior of Russia : including sketches of the character and policy of the Emperor Nicholas, scenes in St. Petersburgh, &c. &c / By Robert Bremner Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
35 RT-35 The Russians of the south / by Shirley Brooks Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
36 RT-36 Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, Esq. : a military officer in the services of Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain : containing an account of his travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, the West Indies, &c., as also several very interesting private anecdotes of the Czar, Peter I of Russia Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
37 RT-37 Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and part of the East-Indies : containing, an accurate description of whatever is most remarkable in those countries / by M. Cornelius Le Bruyn ; translated from the original French Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
38 RT-38 Petrograd : the city of trouble, 1914-1918 / by Meriel Buchanan Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
39 RT-39 Russia after the war : the narrative of a visit to that country in 1856 / by Selina Bunbury Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
40 RT-40 Russian life to-day / by the Right Rev. Herbert Bury Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
41 RT-41 Reindeer, dogs, and snow-shoes : a journal of Siberian travel and explorations made in the years 1865, 1866, and 1867 / by Richard J. Bush Leiden : IDC Publishers , 2001
42 RT-42 Travels through several provinces of the Russian empire : with an historical account of the Zaporog Cossacks, and of Bessarabia, Moldavia, Wallachia, and the Crimea / by Baron Campenhausen Leiden : IDC Publishers , 2001
43 RT-43 A northern summer, or, Travels round the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, and part of Germany, in the year 1804 / by John Carr Leiden : IDC Publishers , 2001
44 RT-44 Three Vassar girls in Russia and Turkey / by Elizabeth W. Champney Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
45 RT-45 Historical memoirs of the emperor Alexander I. and the court of Russia / by Madame la comtesse de Choiseul-Gouffier ; translated from the original French by Mary Berenice Patterson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
46 RT-46 A voyage down the Amoor : with a land journey through Siberia, and incidental notices of Manchooria, Kamschatka, and Japan / by Perry McDonough Collins Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
47 RT-47 The present state of Russia : in a letter to a friend at London / written by an eminent person residing at the great czars court at Mosco for the space of nine years Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
48 RT-48 Voyages and travels through the Russian empire, Tartary, and part of the kingdom of Persia / By John Cook Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001-c2002
49 RT-49 Recollections of Siberia : in the years 1840 and 1841 / By Charles Herbert Cottrell Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
50 RT-50 Account of the prisons and hospitals in Russia, Sweden, and Denmark : with occasional remarks on the different modes of punishments in those countries / by William Coxe Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
51 RT-51 Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark : interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries / by William Coxe Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
52 RT-52 Through Russia in war-time / by C. Fillingham Coxwell Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
53 RT-53 A journey through the Crimea to Constantinople : In a series of letters from the Right Honourable Elizabeth lady Craven, to His Serene Highness the Margrave of Brandebourg, Anspach, and Bareith Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
54 RT-54 A journey in Southern Siberia : the Mongols, their religion and their myths / by Jeremiah Curtin Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
55 RT-55 The empire of the Czar, or, Observations on the social, political, and religious state and prospects of Russia, made during a journey through that empire / by the Marquis de Custine ; translated from the French Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
56 RT-56 Original letters from Russia, 1825-1828 Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
57 RT-57 Free Russia / By William Hepworth Dixon Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
58 RT-58 Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia : with a narrative of a residence in China / By Peter Dobell Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
59 RT-59 Russia / painted by F. De Haenen ; text by G. Dobson, H.M. Grove, and H. Stewart Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
60 RT-60 Russia's railway advance into Central Asia : notes of a journey from St. Petersburg to Samarkand / by George Dobson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
61 RT-61 Russian affairs / by Geoffrey Drage Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
62 RT-62 The red reign : the true story of an adventurous year in Russia / by Kellogg Durland ; illustrated with photographs by the author and others Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
63 RT-63 Six years at the Russian court / by M. Eagar Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
64 RT-64 A residence on the shores of the Baltic : described in a series of letters Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
65 RT-65 Frozen Asia : a sketch of modern Siberia : together with an account of the native tribes inhabiting that region / by Charles H. Eden Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
66 RT-66 The Russians at home and the Russians abroad : sketches, unpolitical and political, of Russian life under Alexander II / by J. Sutherland Edwards Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
67 RT-67 Letters from the north of Europe : or, A journal of travels in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Prussia, and Saxony / by Charles Boileau Elliott Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
68 RT-68 Sketches of Russian life and customs : made during a visit in 1876-7 / by Selwyn Eyre Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
69 RT-69 Of The Rvsse Common Wealth, or, Maner of Gouernement by the Russe Emperour, (commonly called the Emperour of Moskouia) with the manners, and fashions of the people of the Countrey Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
70 RT-70 Narrative of a visit to the courts of Russia and Sweden : in the years 1830 and 1831 / By Captain C. Colville Frankland Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
71 RT-71 Red Russia / by John Foster Fraser Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
72 RT-72 The real Siberia : together with an account of a dash through Manchuria / by John Foster Fraser Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
73 RT-73 A summer tour in Russia / by Antonio Gallenga Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
74 RT-74 Greater Russia : the continental empire of the old world / by Wirt Gerrare Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
75 RT-75 Ice-pack and tundra : an account of the search for the Jeannette and a sledge journey through Siberia / by William H. Gilder Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
76 RT-76 Journal of a tour from Astrachan to Karass, north of the Mountains of Caucasus / by the Rev. William Glen Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
77 RT-77 Five thousand miles in a sledge : a mid-winter journey across Siberia / by Lionel F. Gowing Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
78 RT-78 Changing Russia / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
79 RT-79 A Tramp's sketches / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
80 RT-80 A vagabond in the Caucasus : with some notes of his experiences among the Russians / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
81 RT-81 Russia in 1916 / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
82 RT-82 Through Russian central Asia / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
83 RT-83 Undiscovered Russia / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
84 RT-84 With the Russian pilgrims to Jerusalem / by Stephen Graham Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
85 RT-85 St. Petersburgh : A journal of travels to and from that capital : through Flanders, the Rhenish provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the federated states of Germany, and France / by A.B. Granville Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
86 RT-86 An original journal from London to St. Petersburg : by way of Sweden : and, proceeding from thence, to Moscow, Riga, Mittau, and Berlin / by George Green Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
87 RT-87 Diary of a tour in Sweden, Norway, and Russia, in 1827, with letters / by the Marchioness of Westminster Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
88 RT-88 Through Russia : from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan and the Crimea / by Mrs. Guthrie Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
89 RT-89 A tour, performed in the years 1795-6, through the Taurida, or Crimea : the antient kingdom of Bosphorus, the once-powerful republic of Tauric Cherson, and all the other countries on the north shore of the Euxine, ceded to Russia by the peace of Kainardgi and Jassy / by Mrs. Maria Guthrie Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
90 RT-90 Narrative of Don Juan van Halen's imprisonment in the dungeons of the Inquisition at Madrid : and his escape in 1817 and 1818 : to which are added, his journey to Russia, his campaign with the army of the Caucasus, and his return to Spain in 1821 / edited from the original Spanish manuscript, by the author of "Don Esteban" and "Sandoval" Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
91 RT-91 An historical account of the British trade over the Caspian Sea : with a journal of travels from London through Russia into Persia : and back again through Russia, Germany and Holland : to which are added the revolutions of Persia during the present century, with the particular history of the great usurper Nadir Kouli / by Jonas Hanway Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
92 RT-92 Russian rambles / by Isabel F. Hapgood Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
93 RT-93 Studies in Russia / by Augustus J.C. Hare Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
94 RT-94 Diaries and correspondence of James Harris, first earl of Malmesbury : containing an account of his missions to the courts of Madrid, Frederick the Great, Catherine the second, and The Hague : and of his special missions to Berlin, Brunswick, and the French Republic / edited by his grandson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
95 RT-95 Notes of a nine years' residence in Russia, from 1844 to 1853 : with notices of the tzars Nicholas I. and Alexander II. / by Robert Harrison Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
96 RT-96 In the uttermost East : being an account of investigations among the natives and Russian convicts of the island of Sakhalin, with notes of travel in Korea, Siberia, and Manchuria / by Charles H. Hawes Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
97 RT-97 Among horses in Russia / by M.H. Hayes Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
98 RT-98 The life of Reginald Heber, D.D. : Lord bishop of Calcutta / by his widow Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
99 RT-99 Biblical researches and travels in Russia : including a tour in the Crimea, and the passage of the Caucasus : with observations on the state of the Rabbinical and Karaite Jews, and the Mohammedan and pagan tribes, inhabiting the southern provinces of the Russian empire / By E. Henderson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
100 RT-100 Revelations of Russia : or The Emperor Nicholas and his empire, in 1844 / by one who has seen and describes Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
101 RT-101 Notes upon Russia : being a translation of the earliest account of that country, entitled Rerum moscoviticarum commentarii / by the Baron Sigismund von Herberstein ; translated and edited, with notes and an introduction, by R.H. Major Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
102 RT-102 Travels in Siberia / by S.S. Hill Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
103 RT-103 Travels on the shores of the Baltic : extended to Moscow / by S.S. Hill Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
104 RT-104 The despatches and correspondence of John, second earl of Buckinghamshire, ambassador to the court of Catherine II. of Russia 1762-1765 / edited for the Royal Historical Society with introduction and notes, by Adelaid D'Arcy Collyer Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
105 RT-105 In the track of the Russian famine : the personal narrative of a journey through the famine districts of Russia / by E.A. Brayley Hodgetts Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
106 RT-106 New Russia : journey from Riga to the Crimea, by way of Kiev : with some account of the colonization and the manners and customs of the colonists of new Russia : to which are added, notes relating to the Crim Tatars / by Mary Holderness Leiden : IDC , c2001
107 RT-107 Travels through Russia, Siberia, Poland, Austria, Saxony, Prussia, Hanover, &c. &c : undertaken during the years 1822, 1823 and 1824, while suffering from total blindness, and comprising an account of the author being conducted a state prisoner from the eastern parts of Siberia / by James Holman Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
108 RT-108 Life with Trans-Siberian savages / by B. Douglas Howard Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
109 RT-109 Real Russians / by Sonia E. Howe Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
110 RT-110 Russian realities : being impressions gathered during some recent journeys in Russia / by John Hubback Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
111 RT-111 Thirty-five years in Russia / by Georbe Hume Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
112 RT-112 Short view of the political situation of the northern powers : founded on observations made during a tour through Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, in the last seven months of the year 1800 : with conjectures on the probable issue of the approaching contest / by William Hunter Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
113 RT-113 The great frozen land : Bolshaia zemelskija tundra : narrative of a winter journey across the tundras and a sojourn among the Samoyads / by Frederick George Jackson ; edited from his journals by Arthur Montefiore Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
114 RT-114 Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, during the years 1813 and 1814 / by J. T. James Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
115 RT-115 A new ride to Khiva / by Robert L. Jefferson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
116 RT-115 Roughing it in Siberia, with some account of the Trans-Siberian railway, and the gold-mining industry of Asiatic Russia / by Robert L. Jefferson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
117 RT-116 A wheel to Moscow and back : the record of a record cycle ride / by Robert L. Jefferson ; with a preface by Lieut.-Colonel A.R. Savile Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
118 RT-118 Travels through part of the Russian Empire and the country of Poland : along the southern shores of the Baltic / by Robert Johnston Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
119 RT-119 A voyage to Russia : describing the laws, manners, and customs, of that great empire, as governed at this present by that excellent princess, the Czarina / written and collected by Elizabeth Justice The second edition / To which is added, Four letters, wrote by the Author when at Russia to a gentleman in London. - Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
120 RT-120 Siberia and the exile system / by George Kennan Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
121 RT-121 Tent life in Siberia : and adventures among the Koraks and other tribes in Kamtchatka and Northern Asia / by George Kennan Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
122 RT-122 The Russian peasant / by Howard P. Kennard Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
123 RT-123 On the road to Khiva / by David Ker Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
124 RT-124 The life of the Rev. Richard Knill, of St. Petersburgh / by the Rev. C.M. Birrell ; with a review of his character, by the late Rev. John Angell James Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
125 RT-125 Overland through Asia : pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar life : travels and adventures in Kamcharka, Siberia, China, Mongolia, Chinese Tartary, and European Russia, with full accounts of the siberian exiles, their treatment, condition, and mode of life , a description of the Amoor River, and the Siberian shores of the frozen ocean / by Thomas W. Knox Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
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128 RT-128 The last days of Alexander, and the first days of Nicholas, (emperors of Russia) / by Robert Lee Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
129 RT-129 The new Russia : from the White Sea to the Siberian steppe / by Alan Lethbridge Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
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131 RT-131 The character of the Russians, and a detailed history of Moscow / by Robert Lyall Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
132 RT-132 Travels in Russia, the Krimea, the Caucasus, and Georgia / by Robert Lyall Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
133 RT-133 An account of Russia : M DCC LXVII Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
134 RT-134 Travels in Turkey, Italy and Russia, during the years 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806 / by Thomas Macgill Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
135 RT-135 Journey from Moscow to Constantinople, in the years 1817, 1818 / by William Macmichael Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
136 RT-137 On sledge and horseback to outcast Siberian lepers / by Kate Marsden Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
137 RT-138 The region of the eternal fire: an account of a journey to the petroleum region of the Caspian in 1883 / By Charles Marvin Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
138 RT-139 Secret memoirs of the court of Petersburg : particularly towards the end of the reign of Catharine II and the commencement of that of Paul I / translated from the French Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
139 RT-140 One year at the Russian court : 1904-1905 / by Renée Elton Maud Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
140 RT-141 A ribbon of iron / by Annette M.B. Meakin Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
141 RT-142 In Russian Turkestan : a garden of Asia and its people / by Annette M.B. Meakin Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
142 RT-143 The Siberian overland route from Peking to Petersburg : through the deserts and steppes of Mongolia, Tartary, &c. / Alexander Michie Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
143 RT- 144 A relation of three embassies from His Sacred Majestie Charles II to the Great Duke of Muscovie, the king of Sweden, and the king of Denmark : performed by the right ho[noura]ble the Earl of Carlisle in the years 1663 & 1664 / written by an attendant on the embassies and published with his Lps [i.e. Lordship's] approbation Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
144 RT-145 Russian pictures : drawn with pen and pencil / by Thomas Mitchell Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
145 RT-146 A journey from London to Odessa : with notices of New Russia, etc. / by John Moore Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
146 RT-147 A summer in Kieff or, Sunny days in southern Russia / by Isabel Morris Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
147 RT-148 Travels in Russia : and a residence at St. Petersburg and Odessa, in the years 1827-1829 : intended to give some account of Russia as it is, and not as it is represented to be, &c. &c. / by Edward Morton Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
148 RT-149 My climbs in the Alps and Caucasus / by A.F. Mummery Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
149 RT-150 A trip up the Volga to the fair of Nijni-Novgorod / by H.A. Munro-Butler-Johnstone Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
150 RT-151 The dawn in Russia or, Scenes in the Russian revolution / by Henry W. Nevinson Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
151 RT-152 A run through Russia : the story of a visit to Count Tolstoi / by Wm. Wilberforce Newton Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
152 RT-153 Russia and the Russians / by Edmund Noble Boston : Houghton, Mifflin , 1900
153 RT-154 All the Russias : travels and studies in contemporary European Russia, Finland, Siberia, the Caucasus, & Central Asia / by Henry Norman Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
154 RT-155 The voyages and travells of the ambassadors sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy, and the King of Persia, begun in the year M.DC.XXXIII. and finish'd in M.DC.XXXIX. : containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia, and other adjacent countries, with several publick transactions reaching near the present times in VII. books : whereto are added The travels of John Albert de Mandelslo, (a gentlemen belinging to the embassay) from Persia, into the East-Indies : containing a particular description of Indosthan, the Mogul's empire, the Oriental ilands, [sic] Japan, China, &c. and the revolutions which happened in those countries, within these few years in III. books / written originally by Adam Olearius ; faithfully rendred into Engliſh, by John Davies Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
155 RT-156 The Russian shores of the Black sea in the autumn of 1852 : with a voyage down the Volga, and a tour through the country of the Don Cossacks / by Laurence Oliphant Leiden : IDC publishers , c2001
156 RT-157 In Russia without Russian : being the wanderings of an Englishman in Central Russia, by land and water / by John Lloyd Warden Page Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
157 RT-158 Russian life in town and country / by Francis H.E. Palmer Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
158 RT-159 Russia and reform / by Bernard Pares Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
159 RT-160 The book for every land : reminiscences of labour and adventure in the work of Bible circulation in the north of Europe and in Russia / by John Paterson ; edited, with a prefatory memoir, by William Lindsay Alexander Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
160 RT-161 Journal of a tour to Moscow, in the summer of 1836 / by R.B. Paul Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
161 RT-162 Russia in revolution / G.H. Perris Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
162 RT-163 The state of Russia, under the present czar / by Captain John Perry Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
163 RT-164 Savage Svânetia / by Clive Phillips-Wolley Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
164 RT-165 Russia, or, Miscellaneous observations on the past and present state of that country and its inhabitants : compiled from notes made on the spot, during travels, at different times, in the service of The Bible Society, and a residence of many years in that country / by Robert Pinkerton Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
165 RT-166 Travelling sketches in Russia and Sweden : during the years 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808 / by Robert Ker Porter Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
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167 RT-168 The Alhambra and the Kremlin : The south and the north of Europe / by Samuel Irenæus Prime Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
168 RT-169 A Russian journey / by Edna Dean Proctor Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
169 RT-170 The White Sea peninsula, a journey in Russian Lapland and Karelia / By Edward Rae Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
170 RT-171 A visit to St. Petersburg, in the winter of 1829-30 / By Thomas Raikes, esq Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
171 RT-172 Travelling opinions and sketches in Russia and Poland / by Rayford Ramble Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
172 RT-173 Observations on the present state of Denmark, Russia, and Switzerland : in a series of letters Liden : IDC Publishers , c2001
173 RT-174 My Russian year / by Rothay Reynolds Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
174 RT-175 Anecdotes of the Russian empire : in a series of letters, written a few years ago, from St. Petersburg Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
175 RT-176 A journey to St. Petersburg and Moscow through Courland and Livonia / By Leitch Ritchie Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
176 RT-177 Letters from a lady, who resided some years in Russia, to her friend in England : with historical notes Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
177 RT-178 A sketch of the agriculture and peasantry of eastern Russia / by Henry Ling Roth Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2002
178 RT-179 A journey due North : being notes of a residence in Russia, in the summer of 1856 / by George Augustus Sala Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
179 RT-180 An account of a geographical and astronomical expedition to the northern parts of Russia : for ascertaining the degrees of latitude and longitude of the mouth of the river Kovima, of the whole coast of the Tsgutski, to East Cape, and of the islands in the eastern ocean, stretching to the American coast / the whole narrated from the original papers by Martin Sauer Leiden : IDC Publishers , c2001
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