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New horizons in environmental economics

Publisher Aldershot, Hants ; [Brookfield, Vt.] : E. Elgar
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Notes General editor, Wallace E. Oates
E. Elgar's place in UK changed: Vols. for -1995 by "Aldershot, Hants". Vols. for 1996- by "Cheltenham"
E. Elgar's place in USA changed: Vols. for -1997 by "Brookfield, Vt". Vols. for 1997 by "Lyme, NH". Vols. for 1997- by "Northampton, MA, [USA]"
Distributed in the U.S. by Ashgate Pub. Co., Brookfield, Vt.: "Innovation in environmental policy, c1992 / ed. by T.H. Tietenberg"
Authors Oates, Wallace E.

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