【IMPORTANT NOTICE 】 Library Web Services will be suspended from Friday 30 August 2019 19:00 to Monday 2 September 2019 9:00 due to the planned electric power outage in Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University.(the schedule is subject to change.)


◆ID & Password

ID:Select the type of ID you have and enter it ; SSO-ID, ELMS-ID, or Library patron-ID.

※Library patron-ID:Library card no.(9 figures)
※Graduate students who do not have ELMS-ID:Student ID number(8 figures) plus the 1 number near the valid date or at the bottom left on your ID card.(1 figure)

Password:Enter the password for ID which you entered.

◆[For ELMS ID users]

New elms system started from March 2015.
About ELMS, plaese refer to the "Using ELMS (Japanese)".